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"I have had the privilege of receiving acupuncture for a couple of years now from Adrienne. I have been to a few different LAC's over the years trying to find the 'right fit'. I instantly felt at ease with Adrienne as we talked about a treatment program, she was very through in explaining the how and the whys of acupuncture's healing capabilities. After each treatment I leave feeling lighter and able to move with more ease. She is a gift in my life. Thank you, Adrienne!"  - Eve Buckley

"I have had 10 acupuncture treatments with Adrienne. I have noticed that I go to sleep more quickly and sleep more soundly. My energy level is finally more normal, after it being low since I had a robotic hysterectomy last January. I have been living with an upper neck and head injury over the years. She has done a lot to re-balance my brain. My thinking is now more focused. My neck and head haven't felt this relaxed and functioning properly in many years. I give thanks to the acupuncture technique and Adrienne's ability to zero in on the areas of my body that needed to be re-calibrated."    - Margaret Harvey

"Acupuncture has been amazing in relieving my allergies and asthma symptoms to the point of eliminating all pharmaceutical medications. I highly recommend Victor Acupuncture!"    - Kim Poutre

""Adrienne Goodman is amazing. She is knowledgable, professional, compassionate, and helpful! She has provided me with the gift of mobility without pain. As a sufferer of bulging and near disintegrated disks, I came to Adrienne seeking pain relief. I had been moving about my daily busy life in pain and discomfort. Adrienne's expertise and skillful treatment has remedied my daily pain and I now live pain free and could not be more thankful. She offers not only excellent care but convenient appointment times at two locations. I am thrilled with the help and care I have received from Adrienne and so thankful to have found her."

- Kimberly Day

“As a fairly dedicated marathon runner, I constantly seek out ways to improve my performance and reduce the possibility of injury. I have been consulting a Chiropractor for a couple of years and realized the many benefits of a holistic health care program. When I developed ringing in my ears, my Chiropractor suggested I try acupuncture. I used to work with Adrienne when she was an engineer, so it seemed natural to make an appointment with her. I was a little nervous when I arrived, but she put me completely at ease with her professional, caring approach. The first treatment went very smoothly and I noticed a marked improvement the my symptoms over the next few days. Since that first consultation I have been attending sessions regularly and have experienced a significant enhancement in my overall wellbeing. I believe the care I receive at Victor Acupuncture contributes significantly to my holistic health maintenance program.”  - Malcolm Bugler

Caring and Healing

The provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.

The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.




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